Almost finished....

Last day bar one, and the portrait is just about done, thank goodness! Today we learnt how to make your own cork polishing wheels for any cork matts you can find (in this case, four placemats) and how to cast a traditional lead wheel for polishing as they would have done in a factory in the 18th and 19th century. 

Katharine making a cork polishing wheel

Johns portrait just about done...a

Today we also played consequences, engraving style, where you engrave fifteen minutes and pass the sheet on. This lasted two hours, and the results were real interesting. Pictures tomorrow! We also have the t-shirt auction tonight, where everyone who made a t-shirt for the parade will get some one else's through a lottery, and I'm supposed to be a model for it! We each have three outfits from the dress up room and are supposed to camp it up for the catwalk. Schnapps optional but recomended for keeping the atmosphere going.