Auerer Kirwa Frauenau 2015

After working on the profile for the portrait engraving for the day, we Engravers and the rest of BILD Werk took part in Auerer Kirwa festival with gusto, sporting our painted t-shirts, banners and a large glass bell. As we are the ragged artists, as opposed to the wonderfully organised, costumed and/or uniformed clubs in Fraunau, we brought up the rear of the parade. The parade itself sported, dirndl, lederhosen, cow bells and loud whips, horse and cart and the many clubs and peoples of Fraunau. It led from the glass museum up to the outskirts of town, where they had erected an enourmous bier tent, a small fairground and a fair number of food stalls. Inside was a Bavarian big band and the most impressive waitresses who can carry up to twelve one litre beers simultaneously.