A visit to Merker

On Tuesday we visited Gernot, Ursula and Isabelle Merker in Kelheim in order to see a second hand Spatzier lathe of sale. It was a great exercise in what to look for when looking at equipment that you are unfamiliar with - how to listen to the motor, the bearings, how to examine the spindle and the cones of the machine etc. we also got to see the little portable lathe that the Merkers produce and all the other equipment in the warehouse (really amazed at the big stone wheels, just the sort of thing that you never see in New Zealand).

A sample early treadle lathe on display at Merker.

After visiting the factory, we had a delicious afternoon tea with the whole family at the most wonderful house, and got to see some of Ursulas work, which is only done using the sandblaster. It made my hands itch trying to work out in my head how to do it! We got back just in time for the evening lectures, by Jasmine and by Lazlo.