Three little birds

After yesterday's brush with the pitfalls of intaglio colour, I decided to apply my common sense of what I already know about glass design and do an excercise that gave me a lot of use of larger wheels and shading techniques. I manually blocked out three budgies on a tumbler (as I am used to sandblasting this step) and then working out how to shade all the delicate feathers, stripes and how to polish a eye. This also let's me learn about edge cutting (using the side of a wheel to create a step in the glass, creating a stronger image. Half the morning was spent working out drawings and placement, the afternoon lots of roughing out. Not finished roughing yet, but it's our turn for doing dishes in the Gisthall after dinner. Forgot to mention in yesterday's post that we had two lectures that evening, one from Jeff Zwimmer, and one from our course tutor, Katherine Coleman. Both excellent, but we were late starting due to a demonstration about one of the glass factories closing here, and so we were all a little sleepy by the time both had finished.