On my doorstep

Today's lesson or lecture from Katherine was all about Point engraving, from the first little cherry engraved by the Dutch poet Anna Reumers through to Laurence Whistler and the Japanese ladies point engraving group. There are many little liqueur glasses hanging around the studio, so our first studies will probably be of the cherry engraving to make little kirsch wasser glasses! Today's engraving consisted of finishing the blocking out of the budgies and learning to smooth all your rather rough and faceted newly exposed clear glass with the flat wheel, but this is not highly interesting to look at, so here are some images from Frauenau after we went to the Museum and glass garden with Katherine to look at the engraving examples they have there.

Now we all have basic knowledge about how to wheel engrave, it is much easier to look at the items in the museum (or anywhere) and start to deconstruct how they were achieved, and in what order the engraver might have approached their subject. It makes us feel like we're getting somewhere! Tomorrow, being Sunday, should be a freer day as we're free to work or wander. Below is the Frauenau hotshop (they were just setting up for a roll up) and the flame working shop. I didn't manage to get a picture of their cold shop but a peep through the window showed amazing toys!