Willkommen du Bild-Werk

Day One at Bild Werk, Studio "Hell". We are a class of six ladies, from Austria, Germany, England, Ireland and, of course, New Zealand. We each have a Spatzier lathe to learn on, and a selection of diamond, stone and copper wheels to play with. Today was just a play day, to get used to the action of cutting and drawing on glass, the body position and attitudes required for this sort of work and how to operate the machine safely. Each day we will get a lesson on some technical aspect of engraving. I believe tomorrow we will talk more about working with colour. As part of Bild Werk, there is life drawing classes for the first three days before dinner. Last nights one was fun, and a good way to loosen up after a day's tight engraving! There was also a communal dinner, which happens three times a week in an old glass works social hall. You get to mingle with other students, and so tomorrow we will get to explore a little more and see what everyone else is up to on their courses.